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YEAR END SALE (Pre-Order 9/12 - 6/1) :)

ORIGINAL DEFECTED PERFUMES at affordable price. All perfumes here are 100% ORIGINAL but defected.

Some of the characteristics of defected perfumes :
*Not meet physical quality
*Not very clean bottle
*Faded labels
*Loose cap
*Scratched bottle/cap

However, those perfume might be in a good condition. But it is a defected perfume, so the quality might be slightly lower than the perfume that u bought from mall or perfume shop.

The supplier always put customer and the product quality as his utmost.

The price is cheaper because we sell according to pre-order. And we don't need any store to keep our perfume.

We will try our best to serve u best. We'll try to ship-out the order 2 times per week. But it depends on the size of order la. Pls ask me for the exact date/day for shipping ;)

The difference between original perfume and the imitation one.

The difference between original perfume and the imitation one.
Notes : Imitation - RED CIRCLE


YEAR END SALE (Pre-Order ~ 9/11 - 6/1)

YEAR END SALE (Pre-Order ~ 9/11 - 6/1)
15% OFF if you purchase more than 2 perfumes ;)
FREE DELIVERY (Malaysia) - for all theperfumeshouse's follower and subscriber only

Just drop us an email as below to theperfumeshouse@yahoo.com

Email title : Order (Your name)
Details in email :
1) Name
2) Order (Perfume and quantity)
3) Address
4) Contact No.
5) Payment Method (RHB / Bank Islam / CIMB) - account number will be given later
6) Status : "I'm ur follower" / "I've subscribe your feed via email"
**Pls state ur Blogger ID / email

We will reply your email within 2 days to confirm your order.
If you do not receive a reply within 48 hours, please re-send your email or check your spam folder.
Order will be shipped out once a week :)


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